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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


JOURNEY JOURNAL... Sarasota, Florida


The landscape of the Reef Innovations construction site is saturated with an abundance of reef structures.  Some of many in the outdoor lot were made for the Eternal Reefs enterprise, specifically designed to incorporate cremated remains destined for final disposition in the sea.  One in particular evoked poignancy.  Members of a boat club had prepared it for a beloved captain who had recently died. After her remains were mixed into the round ball situated in the bottom, they implanted trinkets representative of her life in the circular top ring of concrete.  A round bronze plate embedded in the exterior identifies the woman along with pertinent dates and a maritime symbol... in this case, a boat.  A memorial cruise to her final resting place was planned for the following weekend at which time the reef would be dropped in the water and club members would meaningfully declare their goodbyes. 

On the premises of the infamous downtown marina anchored by the Marina Jack restaurant is a small beachfront.  This is where families and friends of decedents may choose to gather when a memorial reef provided by the Great Burial Reef company is deployed by them to a location three miles off the coast.  


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