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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


JOURNEY JOURNAL... Fort Meyers, Florida


At Fort Myers Memorial Park, if you choose to wander around on foot, you need not worry when fatigue causes you to falter.  You won’t have to search far afield for a place to rest your weary body.  Benches are abundant!  Regardless of the vantage point from which you scan the extensive burial grounds, your eyes are apt to capture the sight of graveside seats. 

The prolific preponderance of these structures causes one to wonder why there are so many more of them than usual.  A knowledgeable family service counselor explains their significance as a form of dilemma resolution.

That is, in some parts of this mid-20th century cemetery, there’s no longer enough underground space for second- and third-generation descendants to cozy up to kin who were buried there.  The growing incidence of cremation has offered a logical solution to this conundrum, and the placement of cremated remains inside benches situated above interred family members’ bodies has kept everybody together.

Beyond the prolific seating opportunities, there is another notable attraction here. 
Upon approaching a cremation garden, one can hear  music emanating from speakers 
within the tree-cloistered subdivision.  Concurrently, an initial sighting of the environs yields an immediate impression of diversity.  Chances are, if on the lookout for a particular type of housing for cremated remains, you might find it here.  Does the plethora of assorted varieties indicate that there’s a quarry around the corner?  Probably not here in the southern tip of Florida where the Everglades are ever so close! 

Pathway embellishments invite lingering here to absorb the intriguing features of these memorial pieces.  The urge for shutterbug renderings cannot be squelched!

Why bother with catalogs or Web pages to get ideas for memorial markers when such an assortment can be observed in real life!



A Manufactured Cremation Rock

Multiple cenotaph structures recognize decedents whose remains are buried elsewhere.  


Columbaria in differing styles also occupy the premises.

Cored Monolith Niches
Brick Wall Niches

Private family columbaria afford an alternative to community structures.


Cremation Niche Family Estates provide spacious accommodations.

As you can see, there is plenty of visual stimulation on these burial grounds!  Who knew a walk through the park – the memorial kind – could be so captivating!


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