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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


JOURNEY JOURNAL... Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, New York

What's So Hot About A Brooklyn Crematorium?

Everything!  Sparked by the progressively escalating rate of cremation, Green-wood Cemetery’s crematorium has become a popular destination when it’s time “to go.”

Located on the grounds of a 478-acre cemetery that has garnered more enthusiastic reviews than the finest of restaurants, it is yet another impressive facility with striking features.  

Sometimes crematoria are situated in remote corners of burial grounds, particularly if their functionality trumps appearance and amenities.  In this case, though, its prominence adjacent to the main office that flanks a towering Gothic entrance gate seems aesthetically warranted.   
Upon entering, the sight of the building’s interior could easily take one’s breath away, which probably should be guarded against, given the nature of the facility.  Since the crematorium also houses modern columbarium niches, sitting areas, and chapels, serene ambience prevails. 

Stained glass provides a backdrop for urns in this section.    

A welcoming foyer abuts office headquarters where urns and other cremation articles are displayed and available for sale.



A lounge outside the chapel areas serves as a gathering place. 

Two chapels are available for brief services prior to the cremation process.  They are next to the room where the facility’s five retorts are located.

The secondary chapel is used for smaller groups.  This one is graced by a captivating glass backdrop festooned with leaf designs that coordinate with leaf configurations on ceiling-level glass windows.

The rate of chapel services here mimics that of weddings at a US Military Academy during the week after graduation.  Time allotments for each group’s services must be limited to fifteen minutes in order to accommodate the number of people who want to use it.  But it’s no surprise that the site is in demand.  The room’s appointments and its pacifying surroundings are modern and attractive.

Any New Yorkers stoking the fire of desire for cremation may light up when they visit this glowing establishment to kindle the possibilities!

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