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Thursday, November 21, 2013


JOURNEY JOURNAL... Las Vegas, Nevada


The great thing about a cemetery is that, regardless of where it is located, the occupants for whom it was intended can assuredly rest in peace.  This might be the consoling rationalization of someone standing on the grounds of the Davis Memorial Park, which abuts a busy road immediately next to the end of busy runways at the McCarran International Airport.  

The burial site is so distinctly in the path of planes ascending into the sky above that visitors not yet inured to the compelling sound of the flying machines inevitably look heavenward. 

Yet loved ones of decedents here seem undeterred by the aerial uproar coupled with the summer heat as they gather by gravesites for meditative reflection.  

It is a rather riveting sight to behold – an exemplification of contemplative contrasts. While thinking about a bodily presence within the ground below, maybe it is reassuring to watch the planes overhead, as if they symbolically represent the freeing of a loved one’s spirit on the way to heaven.  And maybe the familiarity of those clamorous sounds up above remind mourners that, for them, life goes on. 

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