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Monday, November 18, 2013


JOURNEY JOURNAL... Las Vegas, Nevada


Often public interest in cemeteries is generated by advertising the presence of bodily residuals from celebrities of days gone by.  Such is the case at the Palm Memorial Park, where Redd Foxx, a comedian who starred in the television show, Sanford and Son, was buried.  But if visitors here who look for his gravesite also explore additional areas of this property, they will come upon some other eye-catching elements.

Among them are a number of attractive water features enhancing the grounds amidst established trees.  Next to a mausoleum there’s a tranquil pond brought to life by the invigoration of a fountain.  

At other locations there are graded formations wrought by landscapers who have integrated rocks, streams, and waterfalls into lush memorial settings. 

After driving through dry and barren landscapes to reach this destination, the aquatic accents in sections of the memorial park are a welcome sight.  Maybe community residents in this part of the country appreciate a refreshing opportunity to repose in their midst.

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